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Funding would make my world turn around

Today I played with a excel spread sheet and I calculated cost vs. profitability vs. funding for starting up a physical shop for Dark Heart Creation.

The figures and needs

I require employees, a vehicle, capital, office equipment and a premises with all the accessories and gadgets required such as office supplies etc.

Office Once Off Monthly
Telephone R 150.00 R 649.00
Internet R 450.00
Office Supplies
+ Business Cards
+ Ads
R 4,000.00 R 750.00
PC – Reception R 5,000.00
PC – Sales R 5,000.00
PC – Web R 7,500.00
PC – ADMIN R 5,000.00
ROUTER R 300.00
SWITCH R 150.00
Petty Cash + Capital R 10,000.00
Vehicle R 75,000.00 R 3,100.00
Tools R 2,000.00
Premises R 7,000.00 R 9,000.00
Reception R 2,500.00
Sales R 4,825.00
Admin Mng R 7,000.00
Tech Workshop R 3,500.00
Tech Onsite R 3,500.00
Total R 121,100.00 R 35,274.00

I then calculated expected profit per month. I took this prediction and used only 50% of it to calculate expenditure vs. profitability.

It is expected that 10 Walk-in clients a day would provide +/- R 200 profit each. It is expected that 25 regular clients visit twice a month providing a minimum of a R100 profit twice each month. It is expected that the workshop and onsite technician spend 8 hours worth of labour will be spent each work day. 10 cold sales per week is expected providing profit of +/- R500 each. Internet & email sales would be racked up to a minimum of R5000 profit per month within the first 3 quarters.

The following figures are calculated at 50% of the above expected profitability

Sales per month 50.00 % of prediction
Walk in R 24,000.00
regular R 2,500.00
labour R 14,264.80
cold sales R 10,000.00
internet R 2,250.00
email R 3,750.00
VAT Actual
Total R 56,764.80 R 7,947.07 R 36,432.53

Now I know what I would expect to spend and earn with my company but how much funding do I need?

I then calculated with the given figures above a table indicating expected growth of company within the first 12 months and then yearly for 5 years on a modal based on percentages of profit versus client base growth and also including salary increases as well as Tax revenue.

Projection Profit Actual Profit Funding Req
Month 1 R 5,676.48 -R 34,597.52 R 34,597.52
Month 2 R 11,352.96 -R 28,921.04 R 28,921.04
Month 3 R 17,029.44 -R 23,244.56 R 23,244.56
Month 4 R 22,705.92 -R 17,568.08 R 17,568.08
Month 5 R 28,382.40 -R 11,891.60 R 11,891.60
Month 6 R 34,058.88 -R 6,215.12 R 6,215.12
Month 7 R 36,897.12 -R 3,376.88 R 3,376.88
Month 8 R 39,735.36 -R 538.64 R 538.64
Month 9 R 45,411.84 R 5,137.84
Month 10 R 51,088.32 R 10,814.32
Month 11 R 53,926.56 R 13,652.56
Month `12 R 56,764.80 R 16,490.80
Year 1 R 403,030.08 -R 80,257.92 R 126,353.44
Year 2 R 715,236.48 R 233,962.18
Year 3 R 749,295.36 R 270,034.76
Year 4 R 783,354.24 R 306,107.34
Year 5 R 817,413.12 R 342,179.92

In the first year the start up expense is R 121 100 and monthly running cost for 12 months would escalate to R 483 288 while minimum profit in the first year is expected to be R 403 030 calculated at 50% of achievable profitability.

In the second year and each consecutive year following we expect a +/- 5% growth in sales and increase in wages. Eg the 3rd year we expect a 10% increase overall, 15% for the forth year and 20% for the 5th.

Funding in form of a business loan was calculated below.

Total Funding R 247,453.44 R 39,592.55 R 17,816.65
Interest 16 R 79,185.10
period 24 2 years
Monthly instalment R 14,352.30

It is expected that the load is payed off within the first two years and within the first 5 years a profit of R 1 million should be made, 50% of what is achievable.

4 Jobs would be created and will allow many more employees to be trained and employed. 25 employees are expected within the first 3 years.

Dark Heart Creation has the potential for people of Kimberley and the Northern Cape. Please look at my figures give me some pointers and tell me what you think of my cost vs. profitability vs funding calculations.

Note all profit was calculated at 50% the capacity we expect to deliver.

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Die verlange van n hart in die bitter koue winter

Die lewe is n lied, ek hoop jy slaag dit met perfekte pitch.

Die tyd het aan gebreuk vir aan beweeg, al was die op die laaste minute her oorweeg.

Die winter is nog lank, die winter is nog koud, die winter is nog bitter sonder jou, die lewe is hard, die lewe is leker, dis ales net te veel ek gaan my polse af kou.

Die verlange is gemors, die verlange maak seer, en vir sum strange rede hou die verlange van jou.

Die liefde is vir reel, die liefde maak seer, die liefde is verniet solank ek van jou hou.

Ales sal met tyd verstaan word maar vir solank soos wat ek hardkopig bly sal my verlangende hart verlang,
En vir solank wat jy nie by my is nie sal alles rond om my vergaan.

Die hemel se agterdeur

Gebreek en velore sos jy was my engel was ek.

Ek struikel oor elke geluk en val, keur op keur keer jy my om by die deur uit te stap, sonder dat jy weet waarheen verdwyn ek in my gebreekte toestand op soek na waar ek behoort, keur op keur bevind ek myself by die hemel se agter deur.

Sos ek ruik na die goue deur knop ruk jy my trug en ek val op my kop en dan word ek wakker in my bed met n groot hoofpyn en dan van vooraf hou jy my weer aan ‘n lyn.

Ek behoort nie hier nie, alhoewel ek dit verdien in die voorsmaak van hel, het iemand asb God se telefoon nommer sodat ek hom kan trug bel.

Sodat ek hom kan vra om my te kom haal, so gou sos wat hy kan of net my pyn te verhaal want my siel is vreeslik ontbloot kaal, en word misbruik deur mense wat se hul is goeie mense sos vriende,

Ek klop aan jou deur ek mis jou, dan wens ek die deur waaraan ek klop is die agterdeur van die hemel, maar ek besef dit eers as jy voor my staan dat ek ales weer van vooraf moet herhaal!

Bitterly Beaten Brutally Broken

My heart described by four simple words, devastated in a state of distress, they echo from within,
Resonating pain and anger with only love to contest.

Love is weak in a weary heart, love fades in the heart of the lonely one.

Maimed and deformed my heart lays torn apart, on the filthy ground, stepped on I turn around only to find it stolen again, falling in love all over again.

My mind is easy my heart is locked, my minds made up as my heart beats to the clock.

Ticking away my love is wasted, selfishly drained, carefully recycled while my heart is heartlessly strained.
I am a broken soldier of love but a beaten mercenary for God.

I’m in that shade of grey which gradients with a shade of blue that’s my status that’s my sign it’s the one thing I can’t deny but soon this cold emotion fades away, to a pitch black feeling of nothing just an empty space.

I’m the only one of my kind, so stop the endless beating and stop brutally breaking love.


I’m not perfect

I am the crack the weakness in your life, I am worthless I am vain but my love holds me dearly in this life.

I portray my father in everyway except for my actions which are selfish and grey.

I never swear do I, I’m never perfect I’d never deny.

I am nothing to you unless I’m useful to you,

You take me for granted, you make me slave until I have nothing then you leave me one day.

I have a heart, I have a will I’ll always love you even mad I am still.

I hate you when I am drunk I hate you more when I miss you.

I am not perfect but my love is real.

I am not perfect but I’m made from steel.

I am not perfect, but my love you would feel,

Thru your cold touch my cards you deal,

This is not OK; nothing is unless it’s going my way.

How many nights have I cried, while you bliss me with compulsory lies I hate you.

I hate my self,

I hate life,

I hate love,

I hate pain,

I hate it when you destroy me when you have nothing to gain,

I am not perfect and never will be, how could you have doubt me if you have never seen the real being in me.

How amazing you are

Like angels fall their beauty rains in you, as swift as they fly their grace soars in you,

Remenating the good the best and the ultimate your intellectuality shines thru you,

Nothing shall ever take the spot you stand on as there is only one of you,

You take breath away and replace it with auw…

As many can only dream of being what you are!

I am afraid

I’m afraid of the decisions others make which influence your life.

Without care to even consider your presences to think you are not there, that you are human, that you need love, that you need them!

With that careless whisper they say goodbye leaving you with all their lies… Deceit and defeated they just walk out on what could have been the rest of their life!

I hate things not working out, but there is more than one person this is about, except for you there’s me.

So forget about me, it’s to late, I’m no longer there.

My Quotes

If I had only mushrooms and water to live on for the rest of my life I would die a happy man.

If woman understood me I would not have been dark and mysterious.

If I stumble im drunk, if I am lying I am afraid if I love you it is in vain.

souly I sit in solitaire silence, seething serenity, seeking success, in saturating senselessness, slaying, while sarcastic self indulging sinner’s sins slowly but surely surrenders as she sigh’s screaming, seldom slipping into sensual seduction.

Those who fall back fall on their own when the masses stand victorious celebrating freedom.

Emonescity: it`s the value of sadness emo’s measure life with.

Dreams are free but when you haven`t been dreaming for a while its worth paying for; but where is the ticket booth?.

We Fight the Rife of Life.

Envy wants me badly, love hates me dearly, happiness spoils me and darkness lights up fire in the heart of hate, dreaded broken down, you crawl to find the pieces you can’t put back together! You end up linger longing for nothing as there was nothing when it all began.

Lewe het ‘n begin en ‘n einde maar liefde het slegs ‘n begin en word aleenlik met die dood geskei.

Life shall treat you good if you treat yourself to the nutritious gifts of life.

Hope: it`s a moment created in time by the hands of the bearer, simply put you got to make it happen!

What is true is true and what is done is done.

A simple change of the mind can sometimes make the problems go away.

Envy wants you badly when love blossoms in abundance.

The motion of one breath can be as devastating as death, as all death needs is one simple change.

A talent faded is a talent nonetheless; a talent wasted is pollution of the heart, forgotten talent is best left in the dark, but loving is a talent only your heart knows best!

The power of browser history and a back button is truly undeniable!

Sometimes the troubles and losses faced are merely a miracle in disguise.

Sometimes when someone doesn’t love anymore they end up being useful for something else so keep them close as you never know when you need a coroner.


Hey listen up opportunity! IM KNOCKING DOWN YOUR DOOR!

Investors investors hear my plight bring me some rock and roll tonight!

All creatures tend to see the light just a second before they die.

Adventure is often given to those that take the moment.

I don`t have to live like a Christian to believe in God, I need to live the way he wants me to.

Loves is the only emotion you can learn from, the only one you’re born with, and the most unpredictable!

Your <3 heart will love again! When you least expect it.

How do you judge a book by i`ts if half its pages are missing.

ek het myself amper dood gemaak vir liefde, van nou af maak ek dood vir liefde.

But you’re woman, you are all good actors, just the amount of drama differ.

Die jare vlieg in sekondes soos wat jy terug blits na die verlede, ten ale spyte, die dade, is al wat oor bly die hede.

The most selfless act happened the day I thought of, and started to implement, Skapi as a charity, for the love of life which is the essence of my treasure.

Trust is delicate trust is true, trust is nothing if you let it loose, It`s all we`ve got but it`s all I got to hold on too.

Honesty is simply misunderstood when it is too good to be true!

If our carbon footprint is a sin, am I the devil.

A talent faded is a talent nonetheless; a talent wasted is pollution of the heart, forgotten talent is best left in the dark, but loving is a talent only your heart knows best!

When hope you seek find your death when love is akin to your heart being taken all shall fail all shall fall before to long before some time, all shall fall when all shall fail…

Im wild in the best of dreams but a beast in reality.

We expect tomorrow to come like if it has been owed to us, unselfishly we believe it has been promised but selfishly we take life for granted.

My real love is for woman but PHP and JavaScript is soothing for my pain.

I cry my mind dies, live up and come end, angels never deserves but dies, which come end.

Under the black night the dark heart knight avenge the fallen, breathing fire at life’s long lost lust in dire times.

Eyes of the caring

Eyes portraying wisdom of a complex journey spanning lifetimes of the unexpected, caringly gazing as a mother does your pupil matches the size of your heart but your eyes size up love just as a mother does.
Lovingly looking upon love showing love.
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