VW Southey Street Kimberley passes the buck

On Saturday 18th April 2009 one of VW Southey Street Kimberley’s employees was speeding up Main rd from Beaconsfield to Belgravia. Eye witnesses saw the silver VW Polo reaching speeds in excess of 100+ KM/H

One witness reported to me that they had to put their car in reverse whilst trying to make U turn to avoid collision with the VW Polo.

VW Polo owned by VW Southey Street (Company Car)

Near the Du Toitspan rd /  Cornwall St intersection I switched on my Ford’s right indicator and began slowing down. As I reached the intersection I saw oncoming traffic just as the Ford came to a complete standstill I felt a bump.

Sure enough it was the VW Polo.


The two witnesses stopped at the accident scene raging mad and furious with the driver as they “knew” something was going to wrong at the excessive speeds the VW Polo was traveling.

Brian Domingo's VW Polo - VW Southey Street's Company car

Brian Domingo’s VW Polo – VW Southey Street’s Company car

6 years later this issue is still unresolved. VW Southey Street Kimberley has denied responsibility for the damages.

Here are the e-mail conversations between myself & VW Southey Street Kimberley regarding this matter

First contact made by Michael Hawthorne

I faxed VW Southey Street to get an update about the situation via email.

VW Southey Street Kimberley replied:

Linda van Vrede <*E-mail Address Removed*> Mon, May 18, 2009 at 4:15


Hi Michael, Philip is on leave and I am replying on his behalf.


Johnny Williams is the only repairer that Philip is willing to deal with because of his proven quality of work as our official repairer for our new and used vehicles. He is situated on the premises of Pryde Motors on the corner of Tranvaal and Ward Street opposite Diskom as previously communicated. His number is 072 4789392. This is not an insurance claim and the company is paying for the damages. We will also not be able to assist you with a vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired as we do not offer courtesy vehicles.

Johnny has been informed of the situation, and he is waiting for your vehicle to assess and repair. Should we agree to repair your vehicle, we are not stating an admission of guilt, but rather showing goodwill towards the situation.

Kind regards,
Linda van Vrede
Sales Manager

Michael Hawthorne replied:

To: Linda van Vrede <*E-mail Address Removed*>
Cc: philip maritz <*E-mail Address Removed*>


I do believe that Mr Maritz would know the quality of Johnny Williams’
work but, to me and many others who I consulted, they are not a well
known and firm established business.

Please note my vehicle is still property of ABSA Bank as I am still
paying off on it, for us to to be able to use Johonny Williams we
would need to know if he is a registered and approved Ford repairer
approved by an approriate body.

Please note that I am not placing guilt or blame I know who is at
fault, yes some accidents might be accidents others might be

I feel to walk to work while my car is being repaired is totaly
unacceptable, I have been through this procedure before, to have these
repairs done usualy takes weeks if prioritised and with a lot of
prayer maybe a week, this might not be your problem but it is a
problem created by neglegence and I dont see why I have to suffer
because of this.

Please let me know if this is your settlement deal, if it is I will
need to seek legal advice to recover from this unwanted situation,

Very Important:
Since the accident I have suffered back aches, which I have never had,
and will soon seek the attention of my GP just to be safe. There are
witnesses that saw him driving the vehicle at dangerous speeds and are
willing to have statements taken.

Your earliest repsonse is most valued.

Michael Hawthorne

VW Southey Street Kimberley replied:

Hi Michael, you will have to wait for Philip to return from leave to reply to your mail.



Michael Hawthorne replied:

To: Linda van Vrede <*E-mail Address Removed*>
😉 100% in order,


I will in the meantime have the car quoted at Johnny’s at the soonest
available time.

Thank you


VW Southey Street Kimberley replied:

Hi Michael, Philip has asked me to reply to your mail.

We understand your misfortune with the accident, and out of goodwill have offered to repair your vehicle. We now feel that we cannot accommodate your requests anymore, and if you feel that legal action is necessary, then we leave you with a case against Brian Domingo and yourself. As this is a private matter, and not legally any matter of Southey Street, I have informed Brian of your intention and herewith supply you with his number: 0824259418 and brian.domingo@southeystreet.co.za

Please direct all correspondence henceforth with him.


Michael Hawthorne replied:

Hi Linda,

I’m sorry that you feel you cannot accomodate my requests,

I do not see how this is a private matter if Brian was driving a
Company / Client Car during work hours, if this is not true please
have the owner’s details of the car made available to me asap.

I find this reply distasteful and very unprofessional, I excpected
more courtesy from your company but have been dissapointed greatly.

I urge you to reconsider your options.

I require an reply asap as my car has been in this state for over
month which is unexceptable…

Michael Hawthorne send a second email after no reponse from VW Southey Street Kimberley:

To: Linda van Vrede <*E-mail Address Removed*>

I have taken my vehicle to Johnny’s panelbeater and I have received a
quotation, total value +/- R5000
I have noticed that none of the parts are being replaced, something that
concerns me is the plastic bumper are you guys 100% confident that it
would be visually correct, looking like the original, and physically
strong enough to last?

Another detail that they missed is that the tail light has minimal
damage(crack) to it where it is fastened to the body and this could
become a concern in the future…

I have requested a second quote for respray of the bonnet and front
bumper total value +/- R 3000

I would like to request you consider doing both quotations for me if you
would like to settle this matter to the quote of Johnny Williams,
otherwise I will have to demand new parts for rear and respray note that
the bumper and tailgate sell for R9000 (parts only) from Human Auto,

Let me know what you think, I would be more than happy if you could
attend to this request,
If you have problems let me know as soon as possible, the damage is
becoming an eye sore..

thanks for your time

VW Southey Street Kimberley replied:

HI Michael,

Your demands have now put us in a situation where we are withdrawing our
offer of goodwill with immediate effect and will not reconsider any
further assistance or correspondence in this matter.

Linda van Vrede
New Vehicle Sales Manager

Tel: 053 831 2190
Fax: 053 832 6279
Cell: 083 292 3046
28-32 Southey Street, P.O. Box 243, Kimberley, 8301/8300

The Aftermath

After the last e-mail message from VW Southey Street Kimberley I have contacted my lawyers and they are busy with this case.

I have contacted VW South Africa and have not had one response from them.

I have contacted Brian Domingo and he also have failed to respond to any of my e-mail messages.

My original post on VWClub’s forum


Votes on VWClub’s Forum

The votes clearly speak for itself. VW Southey Street should have taken responsibility for the damages caused to my vehicle.

END OF STORY, I will update this post as soon as anything changes please feel free to comment on this and express your views.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this.

More Pictures









VW Southey Street Kimberley's company car

VW Southey Street Kimberley’s company car









Fords damaged caused by Brian Domingo employee of Southey Street Kimberley

Fords damaged caused by Brian Domingo employee of Southey Street Kimberley








Damage to Ford indicated in red

Damage to Ford indicated in red







Home Touchup Before

Home Touchup Before

Before Home Touchup

Before Home Touchup

Additional damage to Ford caused by company car of employee of VW Southey Street Kimberley

Additional damage to Ford caused by company car of employee of VW Southey Street Kimberley

Additional damage to Ford caused by company car of employee of VW Southey Street Kimberley

Additional damage to Ford caused by company car of employee of VW Southey Street Kimberley


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