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Here are some screenshots of the Time Attendance software I coded over the past week. Its running mysql database with php. This software is for use offline on a pc with WAMP server software.


Main menu
Here the employee and admin staff can view if an employee is in or out of office with a comment field.

imageUser click on their name or employee ID to be taken to the register where are allowed to sign in or out.


Time Register
The register open preset and you are only allowed to sign out if you are signed in and vice versa and you are only requested to leave a comment when signing out.


To complete signing the time register you must enter your unique password.

Full User History
View complete attendance history of employee with search feature and also show the total hours worked.


Admin Area: History View, Search, Edit & More.
The admin area allows backups of the database. You may add a new users. You can also view and edit employee records.



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