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Blood Money

The cause of death of the Bloemfontein toddler is outrageous! All for what! The queen’s gold and silver!!!!

RIP Little Kutlwano Kok

RIP Little Kutlwano Kok
The miners of this country works for peanuts and they send their gold off to the UK only to buy it back at premium price!

HOW FOOLISH ARE WE! We don’t own anything in this country.

It all belongs to whoever owns the London Bullion Market Association

All this because we live by the rules of money! Anyone who runs on the current concept of money as in our current monetary system must be mentally ill. We all live in a state of psychosis we are disillusioned to think money has more value than human life, health and well being.

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Declaration but not limitation to the cost of the violation of my rights

29 April 2013
In protest of rights violations I have decided to send President Jacob Zuma an email to inform him that our rights are being violated and that everyone including the government will be liable to pay a ridiculous amount of money if they violate any of my rights.

So why don’t you claim your rights and make it known public how much value your rights have because your rights are worth what you say it is. Not what they suggest it is.


RE: Cultivation, possession & USE of cannabis. Safer in the hands of the people, the beneficiary AND EXECUTOR of the last will and testament of God, the Creator or any other God(s) in any and all religious concepts.

To whom it may concern

I- as in context of Rastafari culture. (Translated to WE in English.)

As the beneficiary of the last will and testament of God I am allowed to anything as long as I do no harm to another.

You have 21 days to provide scientific facts as to why I am prohibited from cannabis.

If I do not receive scientific proof as to why I am not allowed to cultivate, posses and use cannabis within 21 days I will assume that I am allowed to
cultivate, posses and use cannabis.

Cost of liability;
Breach / Violation of Rights

I, the beneficiary & executor of the last will and testament of God would like to make it publicly known that the cost of violation / breach of any
of my rights, especially related to cannabis, are subject to individual worth. However in light of the current situation regarding cannabis prohibition I
will seek the maximum value possible in your monetary system.

Cost of liability per any violation of rights:
R (infinite / ∞) Individual Worth

[Minimum but not limited to R 1000 000 000 or 25 000 times the current cannabis market value.]

The South Africa Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act no 140 of 1992 is in breach of my rights to cultivate, posses and use cannabis.

A beneficiary AND EXECUTOR of the last will and testament of God

Life from the human perspective

Whether we understand the concept of one or not we are still representing a physical human body on a natural planet that is self sustainable therefor we need to act appropriately even when we do not understand the concept of one and the energy that gives the universe life.

Our human conscious will never escape the here and now until we release our “soul” and become one with the universe.

There is only one way to disconnect from our bodies without dying and the shamans have discovered this thousands of years ago.

Acacia Confusa one of the ingredients of a psychoactive concoction tribes drink to communicate with their  “ancestral spirits”

Anybody living in a western concept of civilization will never experience this phenomenon until they detox completely from the poisons such as COKE and the other 3000 man made chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis living in western civilization.

If I had to take all the information I have received in the last two months and explain to someone in laymans terms, lol laymans also my only language, what I have learned I would tell them this:

We are hybrid animals from the planet earth part “ape” part extraterrestrial.

The reason for our creation might have been simple enough for us to understand but never was it anticipated that our natural animal instincts would overpower our self conscious and that we humans would extort and exploit this one flaw.

To enslave us to life long servitude to a minority group.

This from a human perspective.

However our souls are eternal and our being is one with the energy of the universe.

There are many claims as to why we do not remember our past lives and there are many explanations as to why this is the case.

BUT if you want proof, I can only offer you the following…

When a African Gazelle gives birth to a small little Gazelle they instantly know how to walk.

Some might say this is instinct but instinct is a man made word to describe something we do not understand.

This is my personal opinion: I believe that the Gazelle (or any other animal) knows how to walk and what to eat and what is dangerous not because they are constructed with the knowledge but because they still contain the knowledge of previous life as a Gazelle.

This to me sounds more logical than what any zoologist have come up with, ever!

PS. I’m totally sober at the moment. 😀

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