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Spying far worse in South Africa than the US?

According to this article by Mail & Gaurdian electronic espionage by government on the citizens are far worse in South Africa than the US.

Does it really matter?

So what if they know what you are up to? They cannot come into the open and say we have been peeping tom we saw what you are up to and we will now force you to do this or conform you to do that.

I want people to stop being afraid of being spied on the internet.

The internet was designed to be open. It was based on good faith and trust.

The reason why internet security is such a HUGE issue is because it’s the bad monetary system that creates the need for tough security to protect against crime and theft.

We need to realize that the internet is an open protocol.
Open to all information transmitted over this protocol.

Just like we have to find our roots back to nature we need to find our roots of the internet.

They have been adding security since the dawn of time but if the data is out there on the grid there is nothing stopping anyone from obtaining the data.

If you do not want information to be out in the open then it doesn’t belong on the internet.


We need to get real on all issues.

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