Archive for May, 2015

@MickeyDangerez: Samsung details a dual-OS phone-docking hybrid device

@MickeyDangerez: English foxes safe for now as Cameron backs down

@MickeyDangerez: FBI: Surveillance tools in jeopardy amid Patriot Act debate

@MickeyDangerez: Cartier boss snubs 'useful' smartwatches for classic chic

@MickeyDangerez: Software glitch can cause iPhones to crash

@MickeyDangerez: Sex chromosomes—why the Y genes matter

@MickeyDangerez: Lawyer: Confinement of chimps for research akin to slavery

@MickeyDangerez: FCC takes aim at annoying telemarketing calls

@MickeyDangerez: AP sources: IRS believes identity thieves from Russia

@MickeyDangerez: 3D printing technique explored to help treat type 1 diabetes

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