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Michael Hawthorne: A Commendation from FiND iT Editor, Jana Grobbelaar

In a heartfelt letter dated August 16, 2019, FiND iT Editor, Jana Grobbelaar, extolled the journalistic prowess of Michael Hawthorne, a former FiND iT journalist.

Jana’s commendation not only sheds light on Michael’s exceptional coverage of the Kimberley flamingo rescue saga but also underscores his broader commitment to community journalism.

Michael’s tenure at FiND iT was marked by a dedication to journalistic excellence that transcended traditional boundaries. While not confined to a specific niche, his reporting showcased a nuanced understanding of the complex interplay between human actions and the environment, as demonstrated in his coverage of the flamingo rescue.

Jana’s letter highlighted Michael’s multifaceted approach to journalism, emphasizing his active engagement with the community. Beyond being a reporter, Michael became an integral part of the communities he covered, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and sparking meaningful conversations.

During the flamingo crisis, Michael’s reporting played a pivotal role in mobilizing community engagement. His adeptness in asking probing questions, not only about the immediate crisis but also about its broader implications, showcased a commitment to thorough and insightful reporting.

As Michael embarked on new opportunities beyond FiND iT, Jana’s letter serves as a lasting commendation for his contributions. Michael Hawthorne’s legacy, as articulated by the FiND iT Editor, stands as a testament to his journalistic prowess and his impactful role in community advocacy. This commendation from Jana Grobbelaar resonates as a tribute to a journalist whose work goes beyond reporting to inspire positive change in the communities he touches.

Letter of Commendation


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