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No Rain, No Data, Day Zero

One does not simply get Rain. Burn a witch, brew a potion, exorcise a demon and subject yourself to hours of support chat. None of it will get your sims activated.

We completed the Rain signup but stopped at the payment screen. We then unexpectedly received our order not three days later. At first we were surprised and happy. But after hours of LiveChat support we were told that we would have to reorder new sims and successfully complete the payment process and then destroy the old sims, before we would get Rain.

They can’t activate the sims unless they’ve received payment, so I asked them, how the hell do you send an expensive courier to deliver sims when you haven’t received payment?

Their mistake, they said.

“We cannot activate the sims that were delivered to you as they have a wrong delivery status set on them. Please dispose or destroy them. | A sim is only activated if it was dispatched only if the delivery fee was paid. Those that were dispatched without payment cannot be active.” – Rain

Support is horrid because they did not offer a better solution than; please order again.

Seriously, there must be a better way to help customers who already have sims to get online.

Out of frustration we have completed a new order and lodged a support ticket requesting them to not send new sims but rather activate the ones we already have.

Think of the Co2 these guys rack up sending out duds. Acid Rain or Toxic Rain is what we have to put up with because they are still wearing ISP diapers.

Disgruntled and drought stricken.

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